Nowadays, it has become imperative to adjust our teaching methods to the requirements imposed by the rapid development that we are experiencing. However, it should not be omitted that there are skills and methods which have started to lose ground in the technological era and it would be a pity to assist passively to them. With this in mind, we have set out on the journey of discovering and rediscovering the pleasure of reading, as a way of improving students’ basic competences language, communication, as well as skills such as interpretation, critical thinking and analysis.

Alarmingly high numbers of students have never read an entire book in their lives, while others state that they only read out of obligation, but less than a book per year.

Therefore, teaching English as a foreign language through stories can be a challenge as much as it can prove a source of endless inspiration and entertainment.

FROM THIS IDEA THE NAME OF OUR SITE IS BORN : Teaching English Through Stories